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Ilkeston Masonic Hall

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What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry means different things to different masons, read more about what it is.

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The Home Of Ilkeston Freemasonry

Ilkeston Masonic Hall sits quietly next door to the Erewash Museum on High Street. This Chapel building was converted in 1983 into a lodge room and has been the home of the Ilkeston Masonic Lodges ever since. Over the past six years extensive renovation and enhancements have added a stunning dining room, seating up to 100 diners along with an anteroom and bar facility.

The hall is home to Rutland Lodge and The Derbyshire Motorcycle Lodge which are the Ilkeston craft lodges. Ilkeston Masonic Hall is within the Province of Derbyshire, find our more about the Derbyshire Freemasons on the Derbyshire Provincial website here –

Also meeting here are Ilkeston Mark Lodge and Mundy Grove Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons – each of which provide an initial step beyond the craft lodges for people reaching the degree of a Master Mason. 

Together, these lodges and orders form the brotherhood of Ilkeston Masons, working together towards the common aim of serving the community through charity and example.

Through this website the Ilkeston Freemasons aim to share information with brethren from other lodges and with all who are considering joining Freemasonry and would like to know more and learn how they can join.

A brief introduction…

Please watch the video below, produced by United Grand Lodge of England to give a brief insight into Freemasonry.

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Ilkeston Masonic Hall
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